Moose hunts start the second Saturday in September and run untill the middle of December..

Bow hunting will take place 2 weeks prior to this.

The moose is considered by many to be the most impressive animal that is hunted in North America. Its large antlers and massive size can leave the most seasoned hunter in awe. On average an adult moose stands (1.5 - 1.8 m) (5 to 6 feet) high. Males weigh (850 to 1180 lbs.)(385 - 534 kg) and females (600 to 800 lbs)(270 - 362 kg).They are often well camafloughed in their environment thus creating quite a challenge.

Our experienced guides will do everything possible to ensure your hunt is an enjoyable and successful one.


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The Caribou hunts will also begin second Saturday in September and continue untill the second Saturday in December. . The bow hunt will run two week prior to this, as with the moose.

Caribou are quite abundant in the Burgeo Road Area.Herds like this one are often photographed by snowmobilers during our winter season.

Caribou tend to move around over different terrains more than moose do. They tend to rest out in the open, making it easier to spot them.

Woodland caribou are usually larger than other caribou. Their meat is very lean, making it a very healthy and nutritious choice of cuisine.



Black Bear

The bear hunt for 2008 will take place in two segments. The first will be from May 10 untill July12. The fall bear hunt will start on Sept 8 and end November 11. Note that a Bear License will entitle you to two animals.

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